NBBU – similarly as APN – believes in the flexible labour market. Therefore, APN is a certified member of NBBU (the Dutch Association of Employment Agencies and Temporary Employment). All companies that are members of NBBU meet high quality requirements. The NBBU Collective Bargaining Agreement for Temporary Workers ensures the balance between flexibility and security. It is important that NBBU is in accordance with provisions of the Social Policy Agreement (“Sociaal Akkoord”) and the Employment and Social Security Act.

All temporary employment agencies being members of NBBU comply with the requirement of holding the SNA quality mark and, therefore, meet all the financial and administrative criteria posed for such agencies. This is yet another guarantee for our clients that APN puts the quality and reliability in all areas of its business first.




APN is SNA certified. The Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA, the Labour Standards Association) confers the SNA quality mark under the two standards: NEN 4400-1 and NEN 4400-2. Companies who hold the SNA quality mark are subject to periodic inspections (in principle, twice a year) in terms of meeting their work-related obligations that include, among others:

  • Identification of the company
  • Reporting and payment of VAT and other taxes due on pay in the Netherlands.
  • Provision of pay in accordance with statutory regulations on minimum salary and minimum holiday allowance
  • Identity checks and checks in respect of rights to work in the Netherlands
  • Prevention of hazards that result in liability and fines in connection with secondment of workers or commissioning of work.



VCU is a work health and safety management checklist for temporary employment agencies developed using the VCA system. VCA is a work health and safety and environment management system intended for contractors. VCU is about health and safety. This is a certification procedure of
the health and safety management system. 

APN is VCU certified because we second workers to VCA-certified companies. These companies perform high-risk work in environments where hazards exist. These is often construction or maintenance work on construction sites, in factories, workshops and at various systems.

The VCU system – similarly as VCA – reports to the independent association, Stichting Samenwerken Voor Veiligheid (SSVV). Two SSVV bodies are responsible for the observance of relevant procedures and use of this system: the VCA Central Expert College and the VCU Working Group.




The APN is listed in the SNF register. Organisations included in the register meet the migrant worker housing standard. This standard involves the following features: space and privacy; sanitary facilities; safety and hygiene; amenities; provision of information and other requirements; and fire safety. Each part includes a number of specific requirements that the housing must meet. APN is also listed in the SNF tenant register. This way, every year, APN demonstrates that housing for all migrant workers is provided by organisations that hold the SNF quality mark.

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