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Search one step ahead

APN Flexgroep provides ‘a search one step ahead’. We do not wait for inquiries – instead, we actively conduct the search. This helps us serve our clients quickly and efficiently.

How does a search one step ahead work? We know the individual sectors in which we operate very well, so we also know our clients. Therefore we can assess the demand for flexible professionals. We report the demand to our recruitment agencies. Through our specialization in a select number of sectors, we have built up a network of good recruitment offices. Our own APN office in Poland also proactively searches for our clients.

A forecast for the following months has been put up in a distinct place in our office. We are actively trying to accomplish the plan.



Talent development

We distinguish ourselves through our attention to the talent development of our employees. Employees who want to learn, have professional interests, want to grow, retrain, live independently or have other ambitions fit in well with us. We like to contribute to the advancement of our employees. If we can help with training, career planning, introductions to sectors or personal support, we will certainly do so.

We expect our sector specialist to know our workers and their ambitions. Our ‘crash course in the sector’ training provided at the APN school enables workers to learn about different professions. Our HR department personnel translates ambitions of our workers into their personal development plans.


Years of experience




Temporary workers


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Our services

  • Professionals
    We seek and find professionals in the sectors in which we specialize. We have recruitment agencies in Europe and we cooperate with carefully selected partners.
  • Care
    We take good care of our workers. After all, happy workers usually work better. Therefore, we provide strong support to our workers so they can build a good life in the Netherlands.
  • Protection
    We provide our workers with professional personal protective equipment and appropriate hand-held tools. This way, they’ll arrive at your workplace well prepared.
  • Onboarding
    We onboard workers in your company and provide further support at work. It relieves you from these obligations and enables your workers to prove their commitment and professional competence right away. We quickly identify and resolve issues that require attention.
  • Time and attendance system
    We set up the time registration for you. To do this we offer all kinds of systems to register the working hours correctly and to be able to process them in high frequency. This is important because we pay our employees every week, which they prefer.
  • Education
    We provide education to our workers. Professional training is very important to us, but we also offer training that enables our workers’ personal growth. Mostly, they take place at our APN school.
  • Appraisal
    We conduct the performance interviews with workers for you. We use criteria perfectly aligned with your requirements. This way, we constantly increase the quality of your temporary workers.
  • Planning
    For difficult-to-fill positions, our sector specialists draw up a long-term plan with you. We then search ahead, at our risk of course. Looking forward is something we can do because we are so well versed in our sectors, and it is also something that sets us apart.
  • Partner
    Do you urgently need extra staff at very short notice? Our regular customers can count on the fact that the capacity requested today will be delivered tomorrow. 
  • Results
    We like to be transparent and therefore share information with you about our results. We do this with the help of a dashboard. We strive for 99.5% availability and a maximum of 10% staff turnover.

APN school

We train our temporary workers

Professional training is important to us, but we also offer courses enabling personal development of temporary workers. Mostly, they take place at our APN school, but we are more than just the rooms where the classes are held. Our school cooperates with both our clients' vocational schools and renowned external training institutes.

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