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APN is a single group, but operates in 6 different sectors. Our workers become part of a vibrant family, and we offer them work at fine companies.

All workers are equally important for our success. You are the centre of attention because you are a professional in your sector. Together with a sector specialist and a coordinator, you are doing a good job. This way, we all ensure that we work in the friendliest and finest companies.

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Talent development

Moving forward

Everyone seeking space and opportunities with us will find them here in order to move forward. Numbers do not lie: we have dozens of examples of people who have found their dream jobs.

If you would like to learn or develop, or accomplish other personal ambitions, you will surely find your way around with us. You will notice it from the very beginning. Our sector coordinators will ask about your dreams and ambitions. And we will make them come true. You will notice this, for instance, at our APN school or in an HR worker helping you translate your ambitions into a personal development plan.


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Temporary workers


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Our services

  • Descent housing
    We will provide you with decent housing with Internet access, so that you can keep in touch with your family and friends. Plus all the household appliances to make your life easier.
  • Weekly pay

    Every week, we pay you the money you have earned in the previous week. This is the right way to do it and it is also ensures clarity. You earn the same pay as regular temporary workers on the same position in accordance with employer’s collective bargaining agreement.

  • Housing clienliness
    We clean the house every two weeks. This keeps it fresh. Naturally, you can also take care of cleanliness in your room .
  • Pay-based rent
    The Netherlands and APN have introduced rent limits. If you happen to work less hours in a given week, your rent will automatically be reduced. This way, you will keep a large chunk of your pay to yourself.
  • Nice car
    We ensure your commuting to work and back. We have nice cars and for shorter distances – fine bikes. Our cars are distinguished by our black&yellow logo. We would like to ask you to be a good and kind driver.
  • Moving forward at work
    You can take part in professional courses because we think that education is very important. We also offer training enabling personal development. Mostly, they take place at our APN school.
  • We are here for you

    You are not alone at work. When you start a new job, we help you get used to it and provide further care. This way, you become accustomed to a new job and a new company. And it is all nice. You also have a contact person who will always help you with any questions. We are at your disposal!

APN school

We train our temporary workers

Professional training is important to us, but we also offer courses enabling personal development of temporary workers. Mostly, they take place at our APN school, but we are more than just the rooms where the classes are held. Our school cooperates with clients’ vocational schools and external educational institutions.

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