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APN is a single group, but operates in 3 different sectors.
Our specialists know their respective sectors inside out. In many cases, they have worked in them for many years. They speak the language of our clients and temporary workers.

These specialists are the driving force behind our working method. They are committed to the relevant sector’s life as well as to clients and temporary workers. This is one of the factors that increases satisfaction among our workers.

Our sectors


The food sector is thrilling and full of innovations. Every day, it delivers top quality delicious and healthy products to its clients. This is a considerable challenge! Health and safety also play an important role here.

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The Netherlands produces the most beautiful, tasty and innovative products. However, if it was not for the logistics, nothing would move forward. In the logistics sector, our specialists ensure that products arrive at their destination in the perfect condition.

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Workers of the production sector create fine products. Here, production processes are organised to the smallest detail. Workers in this sector are handymen and busy bees.

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Technology includes all human inventions and products. We focus on the welding technology: the joining technology in metalworking and machine building. Welders are well-versed in materials, read technical drawings and ensure safety.

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