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Sector Technology

Everything that people invent and create have a connection with technics. We specialize in welding technology, where the combination of metalworking techniques with engineering is applicable. Welding is a special field that people do on materials, technical drawings and safety.

For years we have been doing what we like and in what we are the best. We specialize in: welders, fender of ship hulls and construction engineers.

Our philosophy

APN Flexgroep’s philosophy is clear for professionals:

  • we are actively on the lookout for good workers and we make every effort to quickly provide you with the necessary professionals. We call this a search one step ahead;
  • our professionals pass independent tests in vocational schools that enable us to assess their performance, quality and work safety;
  • we constantly contribute to the development of our professionals’ skills and provide them with opportunities for further growth.

At APN, both students and experienced specialists are ready for you. They will be happy to provide you with the right personal protective equipment, with hand tools and a VCA certificate.

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