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Attention, personal and natural

Our Mission

What is our mission?

Our clients value flexible operation of business. They would like to respond to emerging opportunities and varying demand. Therefore, they organise their companies in a flexible manner because this makes their business successful. For them, flexible is better than permanent.

We also believe that flexible is better. APN provides its clients with flexible workers. This way, they can employ the right people for the necessary period of time.


Our Culture

Our organisation is about commitment and energy.

We are committed to the welfare of our workers. We see their well-being as our responsibility. The good news is that happy workers usually work better.

Our energy comes from the willingness to serve clients in a quick and reliable manner. Efficient service makes us happy and we express this with high fives. To ensure the high level of service, we organise our processes in a confident and efficient manner.

This is perhaps a very unique combination, but APN is perfect in being both well-organised and kind!

Our sectors


The food sector is thrilling and full of innovations. Every day, it delivers top quality delicious and healthy products to its clients. This is a considerable challenge! Health and safety also play an important role here.

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The Netherlands produces the most beautiful, tasty and innovative products. However, if it was not for the logistics, nothing would move forward. In the logistics sector, our specialists ensure that products arrive at their destination in the perfect condition.

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Workers of the production sector create fine products. Here, production processes are organised to the smallest detail. Workers in this sector are handymen and busy bees.

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Technology includes all human inventions and products. We focus on the welding technology: the joining technology in metalworking and machine building. Welders are well-versed in materials, read technical drawings and ensure safety.

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